PRESS RELEASE 31/08/2020

A 12-years Old Girl was Raped Twice in Zanzibar

Tanzania Media Women Association (TAMWA) Zanzibar is saddened by recent report that a 12-years old girl, a resident of Mwanyanya, urban west region of Zanzibar was raped twice in a span of two weeks.

According to media report and the parents of a victim, parents had decided to transfer her after she was raped for the first time and sent her to Wete, North Pemba region, where she was also raped again.

While TAMWA ZNZ called for the police to expedite the investigation into these serious cases, it would also like to urge parents and guardians to be closer to their children at all times to protect them from suspicious people with intended bad motive.

The fact that parents who are closely monitored their children provide excellent protection for them, thus, protect them from being abused by wicked people.

Similarly, in these incidents of a child being abused, we also advise parents to put up more efforts and be close to the children as possible, to comfort them and teach them ways to protect themselves from malicious people with bad behavior.

The decision to move or transfer a victim who has been raped twice from two-different places, without proper investigation and protection can lead to a victim become more vulnerable, and affect him/her more physically, mentally and emotionally damaged.

Additionally, TAMWA ZNZ is worried on the ╦ćincreasing trend of act of rape across the country that are rampant and notably documented on daily basis which are causing fear and harm in every situation of vulnerable people, especially women and children.

According to reports of GBV networks in Unguja and Pemba for a period of six months January to June 2020, 108 cases of sexual violence have been reported from different shehias.  Out of 108 reported incidents, 51 incidences are rape.

TAMWA ZNZ would like to extends its sincerely to the parents and children affected by GBV incidences arguing them not to be discouraged in pursuing cases to the legal system until the last minute so that justice can be done.


Dr. Mzuri Issa





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