Ms. Bahati Issa Suleiman (48), mother of eight children living in Kikungwi, Unguja Central District. Bahati is a hard working woman, she engaged herself in various income generating activities such as farming, poultry and food catering.

In 2016, she received training on poultry keeping organized by Tanzania Media’s Women Association (TAMWA-Zanzibar). Bahati thanks TAMWA for empowering her economically.

“Thanks to TAMWA for enabling me to attend seminars and meetings that enlightened me in different issues such as women economic empowerment, political empowerment and give me advocacy tools to fight against gender based violence (GBV).  Today I am confident enough to stand anywhere and express myself clearly.”

“Socially, in my community I am known as an activist because I stand for rights of women and children, I am engaged fully in the fight against GBV.

Economically; I am proud to say that I am able to support my family financially from my businesses. I am a cassava grower, poultry keeping and food caterer.  My earnings is between 500,000/= to 800,000/= per month.

What I am today, credit goes to TAMWA Zanzibar and I am still learning.  Recently I attended food processing training that enabled me to make tomato source, chilli source and a different kinds of appetizers (mango and lime prickles)

Bahati employed herself in catering. She was cooking bites like bajia and kachori and selling them to Kikungwi Primary School. She said that though this project is a small business, but it helps her to feel the gaps especially to fulfill school needs of her children.

She commends TAMWA, Zanzibar for empowering women economically and request for more support to women especially in entrepreneurship skills, market linkage and access to loans despite the phase out of the project.

Bahati also is a Secretary of Women Land Network in the Central District (MAWAWIKU), she sensitized 144 women to understand the importance of land occupancy for their development.

Bahati believes that a woman can do anything if she put her mind to it and thus the important thing is determination.

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